The 20 Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For High School Students

Comparison is a critical skill and students usually do not have enough proficiency to evaluate a paper, idea, book, topic, or decision. They may need enough time to realize the purpose of such an assignment. Some students think that comparing something means finding out its benefits and writing them down. Other students have an opinion that comparing means writing down both advantages and drawbacks. However, both of them are not correct. You cannot compare something unless you compare its different aspects and give your final opinion.

You need to think of the benefits and drawbacks but also give your own opinion at the end for how to maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks. Such essays are critical as compared to ordinary assignments because they need the student to discuss both sides and give an objective and realistic solution at the end.

The topic of such an assignment is very important and it might take longer than expected. You need to choose a topic that matches with the requirement and style of your paper. It needs to allow flexibility for a comparison of the given issue or subject. If you are looking for a good topic to write your compare and contrast essay, then you should consider taking help from following ideas. Remember that these ideas are only supposed to give you a direction and you need to write your own original topic for your paper.

Compare and contrast essay topics for high school students

A comparison essay topic can be of two kinds depending upon the approach you adopt for this paper. You can either compare two sides of the same subject or discuss the similarities and differences between two different subjects. Below are few examples of both styles to help you write a good essay

  1. Drugs VS Alcohol
  2. The pros and cons of mobile technology
  3. Teenage Vs Childhood
  4. The advantages and drawbacks of outdoor activities
  5. Free-range parenting vs helicopter parenting
  6. The pros and cons of being a nerd
  7. Creativity vs hard work
  8. The pros and cons of early marriages
  9. Urban life vs rural life
  10. The pros and cons of mass migration to urban areas
  11. Coeducation vs separate schools
  12. The advantages and disadvantages of self-employment or freelancing
  13. School vs university
  14. Pros and cons of civil war
  15. Boys vs girls
  16. Men vs women
  17. Pros and cons of computers
  18. Digital vs electronic media
  19. Pros and cons of religion
  20. Christianity vs Buddhism

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