Your First Article Review: The Five Features Of Effective Writing

Crafting different articles is part of our daily life. One may be called upon to accomplish this task either at school, in a rewarding competition or even in our careers. It is therefore necessary for one to be equipped with effective writing skills at all times. There are five elementary features of effective writing. These are as explained below.

  • The focus
  • Different people may have different view to focus. However, it generally refers to the writer’s ability to stay within the scope of the subject matter. This includes the central idea, all the arguments that develop the thesis and the supporting evidence and examples given. A work that adopts focus will not confuse the audience and will ease apprehension. Nonetheless, if the reader is confounded at the commencement, this is a clear sign that focus has not been efficaciously established.

  • Organization
  • Competent writers ensure a logical advancement of ideas right from the start to the conclusion. The format you adopt should be able to depict whether your work has the right formation or not. Always present distinct ideas in different paragraphs and avoid mixing your points. Relating arguments should conform to each other.

  • Support of the ideas
  • Hanging ideas without relevant and strong backup make your work shallow and might in upshot, attract low marks from your lecturer. Show a clear elaboration of every leading statement and how the central idea has been extended and developed. All the details presented must have close relationship to the subject matter. Efficacious employment of solid and particular details fortifies the power of response. Insufficiency is depicted by repetition and underdeveloped details.

  • Style
  • The style in writing refers to the mastering of language that is reliable and relevant to the purpose, the readers and the context of the topic. Involve a skillful use of precise words and phrases to enhance effectiveness of writing. The writer should be able to ensure fluency and present an error-free work. Adhering to the professor’s guidelines and instructions is key to effective writing. Also show how the different ideas presented are related to the supporting evidence. In short, avoid ambiguity.

  • Conventions
  • If you want to be a high quality writer, you must be richly equipped with rich appropriate sentence formation. Ensure correct application of grammatical conventions which are essential for effective writing task. A top quality work will not present with errors in sentence formation but will ease the reader’s apprehension through the use of simplified language.

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