Writing A Brilliant Long Essay On Terrorism: 3 Great Suggestions

Terrorism is the topic that many students choose to write long essays about. This topic is popular, because it concerns almost everybody nowadays. However, it’s not easy to write a decent paper on terrorism. It’s not enough to write about your own opinion related to this matter and tell that the terrorism is bad. Your essay should be original and interesting. This article contains great suggestions that might help you write a brilliant long essay on the topic related to terrorism.

1. Select your topic.

You should choose your topic very carefully. Usually, it’s advisable to look for topics that are known or interesting to you. However, in the case of a paper about terrorism, you should select a topic about which you’re concerned most of all. This will help you do research and write your paper with a bigger enthusiasm. There are many topics related to terrorism from which you may choose:

  • International terrorism
  • Al Qaeda
  • Infamous terrorists
  • Counterterrorism
  • Anti-terrorism measures
  • Bioterrorism
  • Cyber terrorism
  • Religion and terrorism
2. Create your thesis statement.

When your topic is chosen, the next step is to come up with your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is a very important part of your essay, because everything you’ll write in your paper should be connected to it. A thesis statement is usually a single sentence that expresses your main idea of the whole paper. It’s not easy to write good thesis statements on your own, so you may consult your teacher on this matter. He or she will help you choose right words and structure. Here are some examples of thesis statements on terrorism and Islam:

  • Terrorism is associated with Islam nowadays because main terrorist acts are committed by Muslims.
  • Islam is associated with terrorism because such a notion as jihad stimulates some Muslims to engage in the “holy war” against western countries.
  • Terrorism is falsely associated with Islam because some Muslims claim that a terrorist ideology is a part of Islam.
3. Make a good outline.

For your paper to be decent, you should make an outline that will reveal your topic logically and clearly for your readers. In the beginning you should present your topic and state your thesis. Follow this by some theoretical information. Raise your arguments in support of your idea and offer ways to solve the main problems of your topic. Make the conclusion and indicate the importance of your work. To make as good outline as possible you may consult your teacher.

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