How To Write A 3-Paragraph Narrative Essay About A Robbery

The general topic of robbery can be used as the basis of an essay for a range of different subjects. For example, if you have been asked to write a three paragraph narrative essay about a robbery, then it may be that this is required for a subject such as law. Alternatively, seeing as narrative essays involve using a storytelling style, it may be that you’re simply writing for an English language class.

No matter what the subject is that you are studying, you should understand the requirements of a narrative essay before you begin. Essentially, a narrative essay will involve using a storytelling style; therefore, even if you are including facts and information based on real-life, you should do so in such a way that it tells a story.

If you are basing the story on any events that you have experienced yourself, then you may not necessarily need to do any research; alternatively, if you are basing the event of a real-life event that you did not witness, then it may be a good idea to do some research beforehand, so as to ensure the accuracy of any details that you include.

The limitations of a three paragraph paper

Of course, if you need to write a three paragraph paper then you will obviously be limited with the amount of content that you can include. As with most stories and essays, you will need to include a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Therefore, you should have some sort of introduction, which will set the scene for what will happen. For example, you may wish to introduce any relevant individuals or characters who will be involved in your paper, as well as any necessary details about the location, or anything else that you feel is relevant.

It may be that the robbery itself is described in the first paragraph or, alternatively, it may be referred to in the middle paragraph. However, it is unlikely to occur in the final paragraph, as this will most likely be used to discuss what happened as a result of the robbery.

Of course, when writing longer essays, you will have far more room to tell a more in-depth story; however, with just three paragraphs to use, you will have to be relatively economical with the details, including only what is necessary to describe sufficiently what is happening.

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