How To Write Amazing Grade 9 Narrative Essays

It doesn’t really matter whether you are in fifth-grade or ninth-grade, you will still be expected to turn in high-quality narrative essays. The difference though is that by the time you have reached ninth grade you should be already starting to form a clear, world view and you should be able to articulate your thoughts in a coherent, intelligent manner.

Whether you are a natural born story-teller or not doesn’t really matter. During your academic career you will be expected to wear many different hats and you need to be able to adapt to whatever assignment your tutor throws at you.

So, just how do you write a truly amazing grade 9 narrative essay?

  • Write from experience
  • A lot of adults struggle with writing credible fiction. You don’t have to beat yourself up or pile additional pressure on yourself by creating a whole new imaginary world. Many of the most popular stories ever to be written have stemmed from personal experience. So, why should your essay be any different? Writing from experience will give you a safety net that would otherwise have been missing from your work.

  • Don’t rush them
  • You need to get into the habit of working and reworking. Polishing, and refining until you come up with a product that is as near to damned perfection as it is possible to get. Never leave your work until the last minute and never be tempted to cut corners or rush through it. Take your time, allow your ideas to flow and the story should tell itself.

  • Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing
  • Peer pressure can kill an essay before it has even been finished. It really doesn’t matter how good your best friend thinks her essay is, or what the class geek has chosen to write about. The only thing that matters right now is you. I understand that it is incredibly difficult, but do yourself a favor and block everyone and everything else out. Focus on your own work and let them worry about their own.

  • Don’t judge yourself on past errors
  • Okay, so everyone turns in a howler from time to time. It happens to the best of us and is kind of a rite of passage. Do not allow yourself to be defined by past mistakes. Master this now and you will find the rest of your life a breeze!

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