How to write original essays

– a creative tutorial

Essays are not hard to write—they all follow the same structure—which I will demonstrate in a moment. What they need, and this is crucial students, is for you to give it the time it needs to grow. To create anything beautiful from painting a picture, to sculpting your body into a work of art, to planting and growing a beautiful rosebush—quality takes time.

In this lecture, I will focus on creative introductions and thesis statements.


All essays, and I mean, all of them- follow one specific structure (the argumentative essay adds a paragraph, but I will discuss this in a moment). The basic structure for any essay goes like this:

First, Lure in the Reader With a Great Introduction

Write a creative, attention getting introduction in which you say something kind of daring and unexpected to get your reader’s attention. For example, if the essay is on global warming, perhaps begin by saying something about wondering what planet or moon we will be living on by 2030? Or, perhaps you could begin by reflecting on a movie which shows us living on another planet because ours is ruined already by human practices, like Oblivion?

In this way you could begin with something like, “Recently, I watched a movie called Oblivion, in which the bulk of Americans are now living on a moon of another planet, having, finally, completely desecrated the Earth. It is a thought provoking moving that will make you ask the question, “How long until this actually happens?” After all, it is now obvious the Earth will not last forever if we continue to abuse it the way we have. Already, we are losing some animals to extinction or near extinction. Recently, I hear polar bears will be extinct by...

This would be a perfect introduction to writing about how we must start acting now to prevent the complete annihilation of the polar ice caps.

Second, Make Sure you Have a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement must be present early in all academic papers. They are easy to write and put your assignment on a firm footing, as they allow you to say in very clear language, exactly what your paper is about – exactly what you are setting out to investigate.

A thesis statement for the writing we began to describe above would be, “In this research paper, I am going to demonstrate why we must begin acting now to save our planet before one of our first major losses is the polar life in our planet due to the melting of the ice caps.

You could also say something briefer, “this paper will explore actions we can take to prevent the melting of the polar ice caps.” Of course, above, one project sets out to write about how we are losing polar life and one, how we can save polar life.


Writing thrives on revision and, always, your first pass at a writing assignment will look nothing like the stunning piece of writing it will be when you have given it, at least, three hours of your time spread out over several days—if you can. At any college paper writing service this option is available, do not hesitate to contact them.

One technique I believe in strongly is starting early. Not so much so you can work on the essay constantly over a period of days but more so you can take breaks from it and come back to it after you nap, play video games – anything to bring fresh eyes back to the paper. See, it is in the stepping away from those jumbled words on the screen that we are able to come back and revise the surface of that paper into something beautiful indeed.

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