Writing An Outstanding Argumentative Essay On Bullying

Whilst bullying can have terrible consequences to those affected by it, the subject itself lends itself very well to the argumentative style of essay writing. There are numerous things that can be written about when it comes to the subject, furthermore, it is a subject that provides a great deal of emotion, thus enabling you to successfully argue distinct points of view about the subject.

Decide on the topic that you wish to base your essay

In order to write a strong argumentative paper you need to first think of good topic to write about. For example, you may wish to base your paper on the kind of penalties and punishments that bullies should receive. For example, you may suggest that bullies in schools should receive prison sentences, despite their young age.

Alternatively, you may wish to look at things from the victim’s point of view, and write a paper about whether or not victims can do more to prevent them from being targeted by bullies.

Another possible solution that you may wish to consider is to write a paper based on whether or not bullies are in some way victims themselves, and whether they may perhaps require care and attention as well.

Pick a point of view that you wish to argue for

Once you’ve established a topic for your paper, you will then need to decide which point of view you wish to take. It may be that you wish to argue against a popularly held point of view; in fact, you may even wish to challenge yourself in writing about a point of view that even you yourself don’t agree with. Essentially, when it comes to writing an argumentative paper, there is no need to you to necessarily agree with the point of view that you have had to discuss; you merely have to use logical writing skills and persuasive language in order to argue a point.

Use online sources to find relevant facts and data to back up your points

In order to back up any of your arguments that you make, it can be a good idea to include relevant facts and data. If you do choose to include any information that you have researched then it is essential that any sources that the facts have come from are reliable and accurate. If you include incorrect facts in your essay then you will have a negative impact on the quality of your arguments.

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