Picking Up A Good Topic For A Cause And Effect Essay On Natural Disasters

Selecting a great topic idea is the first step in writing a great cause and effect essay on natural disasters. The trouble is that sometimes students don’t feel inspired enough or have the energy to brainstorm possibilities. This is the reason we’ve come up some ideas for you to consider:

  1. Explore weather and climate changes that occur immediately before hurricanes and how our understanding of these things can help prepare for damages to populated areas near and around the coast.
  2. What are the major effects caused by too much pressure in active volcanoes around the world? Are humans still in considerable danger or are early warning systems effective?
  3. Examine the Chernobyl nuclear disaster and determine the major safety problems that caused the power plant to fail and cause so much damage to the surrounding environment.
  4. Is global warming a cause for the increase of natural disasters around the world? What are the major effects we can foresee as a result of global warming?
  5. What behavior by the earth’s plates, which are always moving, causes massive earthquakes? As plates are always moving why don’t we experience more tremors and why are some larger?
  6. What causes underwater volcanoes to erupt and what effects do they have on coastal cities? Is there more volcanic activity in the ocean than on land?
  7. What were the causes behind the extensive damage to the city of New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina? Could such extensive damage have been prevented?
  8. Explore the effect of mid-continental earthquakes and the damage they cause to concrete structures that have been ill-prepared for this kind of natural disaster to strike.
  9. What do we know about the causes of tornadoes that can help us prepare to minimize damage and possibly develop an early warning system to prevent the loss of lives?
  10. What are the major causes for river flooding? Does it occur largely because of poor engineering or because of unexpected heavy rain? Are there are other factors one needs to consider?
  11. Wildfires are often forgotten as natural disasters, but do these too cause large scale damage to the environment and affect the lives of both humans as much as wildlife?
  12. The causes of tsunamis have largely been attributed to earthquakes that occur underwater? What other natural disasters can these underwater earthquakes cause?

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