Things To Write In A High School Compare And Contrast Essay About Art

As a high school student, you and your classmates have been assigned the task of writing a high school compare and contrast essay about art. You and some of your classmates are still struggling with starting your own papers and this is not far from the reason that you are at a loss on what to include in the compare and contrast paper about art. To help you get started and finish your paper on time for submission to your tutor, here are tips on what you should include in your academic paper. They are as follows:

  • A Clear Definition: Since you are writing a compare and contrast academic paper on art, your tutor expects a definition of the term, art. This definition is found within the introduction of your paper which by the way, should be very compelling. This definition will be the thesis statement too. You will also go further to choose two or more types of art, not forgetting to give their definition as well. This will give your readers an understanding of the concept.
  • Explore The Characteristics: Each different form of art has its unique characteristics and peculiar items. Go ahead and explore these characteristics, determined mostly by the length and paragraph of the essay you are writing.
  • Explore The Similarities: You are analyzing two or more types of art. If there are certain things that make these various types of arts similar to each other, it is in this part of your paper that you will let your readers know about it. You will take it one at a time until you have listed the similarities.
  • Explore All The Differences: Since there are similarities, there will also be differences. You will take your time to write out the things or factors that make each type or form of art different from the other or the others, depending on how many types you are comparing and contrasting in your essay.

These are just a few of the things you should write about in your high school compare and contrast academic paper. To further strengthen your paper, you should check out examples of compare and contrast papers written by other students, especially the ones written about art. You can get these examples from the school library, from your friends, siblings, and writing buddies. When you are done writing, slowly go through the entire content of your compare and contrast essay about art to make any necessary corrections.

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