Practical Help With Writing A Solid Critical Evaluation Essay

Critical Evaluation essays, whether you are doing one for as a one-time homework assignment or working a senior thesis, can be a difficult challenge to overcome.  This is particularly true if it is your first college essay or freelance article. Luckily, following these four simple steps will help you compose a fantastic critical evaluation assignment.  

4 Simple Steps to Writing a Solid Critical Evaluation Assignment

  • Know what you enjoy. It may sound obvious, but many students forget that they can write their homework assignment on a part of the class that they liked.   First, you might not know what the other person wants to read about.  Second, and more important, it will be much easier to write a topic that you are passionate about.  So if you hate Shakespeare, you should avoid writing your dissertation on a comparison of Macbeth and Oedipus Rex as tragic characters.
  • Be critical not opinionated.  Perhaps the biggest pitfall of writing a critical assignment be it a freelance article for hundreds of readers or a term paper for one professor is to remember that critical evaluation is a term of art.  Here, critical evaluation does not mean being opinionated.  Being critical in a homework assignment or dissertation means inspecting the book or books that you have been assigned and making observations about topics within them.  
  • Reread your notes before you pick a final topic.  If you have been in a yearlong or even quarterly class, it has likely been some time since you last read the works that you are going to write about.  However, it is not feasible to reread all of the books before writing.  Thus, the easiest solution is to skim your notes to refresh your memory about the books.  This will also help you make connections between the works that will make the next key even easier.  If you do not trust your notes or are not finding them helpful, most major works have summaries available online that you can use to refresh your memory.  Just be careful that the website you are relying on contains accurate information.
  • Do the five-minute outline -  After you have picked your topic, the final thing you must do to write a solid critical essay is outline what you are going to say.   You do not want to write down everything you are going to say about the topic.  What you want to do is lay out the central critical observation, which will become your thesis, two or three points for each book or character, which will become your body paragraphs and your critical evaluation of either books or characters together. For this outline will be the blueprint that you follow to writing your assignment.

Writing a solid critical evaluation assignment does not have to be difficult.  The key is to remember the four simple.  If you follow these simple steps, you can write a great research paper or any other writing assignment.

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