Useful Guide On How To Write A Descriptive Essay On Poverty

Descriptive essays are quite popular in the English classes. As long as you have a good idea about the topic you plan to describe, such an essay is not difficult to write. The main challenge is to select the right words to put your thoughts and ideas into well-structured paragraphs that are easy to read. A descriptive essay describes the problem from different sides and is called to invoke the readers’ personal senses.

Since poverty is a very pressing issue in virtually every country around the world, you will most likely have to write descriptive essays on this topic throughout the course of your studies. When writing a paper on such a topic you need to adhere to a few broad principles.

  1. Avoid negative disrespectful language.
  2. Remember that you are not writing about “us” and “them”. Do not put yourself in the position to judge poor people.

  3. Do not over-generalize.
  4. In your description do not use words that describe the phenomenon across the board. Poor population is a big problem that has many sides to it.

  5. Use respectful and progressive language in your description.
  6. Avoid derogative words and expressions. Concentrate on the conditions of poverty rather than on people who experience it.

In order to write a descriptive essay effectively, create an outline that will help you organize your information. Remember the basic essay structure (introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion) and decide beforehand what you will describe in each paragraph.

When you need to write a descriptive essay on poverty, consider the following topics for discussion:

  1. General overview and origins of the phenomenon.
  2. You may describe in general terms what poverty is and how it impacts life in the society. Describe the reasons it existed in the past and what causes it in our present culture.

  3. Different segments of population affected by poverty.
  4. Describe ethnic and racial segments that are underprivileged.

  5. Poverty in different countries.
  6. As it was mentioned earlier, this phenomenon exists in all the countries of the world. However, its peculiarities are different for every country. For your descriptive paper you may choose one country and write about poor population in it.

  7. Poverty in rural and urban regions.
  8. The types of poverty in the city and in the country are different, so you may choose to describe one of them, or both.

  9. Poor population’s impact on the rest of the society.
  10. Describe how poor population influences the rest of the society in a country of your choice.

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