15 Examples Of Interesting Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essays are such texts or writings which provide a detailed and elaborate explanation about certain subjects be it real or virtual. The topics should be interesting enough to grab the readers’ attention and interest and something they can easily relate to. As the essay is an illustrative one, losing interest in-between by the people reading it is not an unexpected phenomenon. Hence to make it more appealing the points included should be unique yet thoughtful and the subject or topic chosen should be quite entertaining.

Before making your writing a hit or a successful one along with choosing a suitable topic you also need to be careful about the write-up format and the grammatical constructions of your piece so that it is free from errors and all the thoughts demonstrated or portrayed through it can make sense and impact on the reader’s mind

Examples to help you choose a topic

A few examples which can be quite useful for writing a descriptive essay are as follows

  • Firstly you can write about the place you stay or the city or country you live in. Most scaring place on earth or most happening place in your country can rightfully serve your purpose.
  • Holidays are a hit topic to write about. Hence you can always opt for, A perfect summer vacation, Your experiences in last Christmas vacation, places to visit during holidays etc can be quite a unique topic.
  • Some abstract topics like your favorite season, Favorite place, and Favorite pass time hobbies can be quite appealing if put in proper style and format.
  • You can always write about a particular cuisine or food like the Traditional food of your place, The most loved food of yours or The restaurants you visit frequently etc, can build up public interest to know more about it and hence to read your essay thoroughly.
  • Career oriented and educational essays like Choosing a college or a future career, Your dream institute, Benefits of studying a particular subject, How to solve your homework, Your favorite subject etc can also be taken as a valid topic for your essay.
  • You can always write about different personalities. It might be your favorite teacher or musician, your beloved poet or author, your national leaders of past and present or The famous historical characters. Just you need to keep in mind that while writing about a particular person who is already famous and well known you need to suffice your paper with unknown information and your viewpoint about them.

Whichever topic you choose you need to be thoughtful and original to reflect facts that are not known to people before.

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