The Best Way To Compose A Good One-Page Essay On Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the most crucial function of the plants. In simple words it is the process by which the plants turn sunlight into oxygen and food. Without the process of photosynthesis there would be no plants which mean there would not be any animals or humans either. It is the favored topic among many students. If you are going to write a one page essay on this phenomenon then you will have to keep a few things in mind.

Tips for students:

  • Since the essay will have to fit within one page you will have to be very frugal with your point. Photosynthesis is a vast subject with different explanations. If you are going to draw a chemical explanation of the whole process with intricate details it may not be possible even in two pages.
  • Before you begin write down all the points that you know or find out about photosynthesis. This will include everything and anything you can come up with. Now shortlist the most relevant points from this lot. If you are going to write a paper according to a specific approach then you must select points that can relate to the approach.
  • Select more than two points. So when you are writing the bodies of the essay keep one point to one paragraph and keep it short and simple. A shorter point will mean more space to include rest of the equally important points.
  • Since you have such a small space to explain something so vast and important like photosynthesis, you must plan ahead. Decide how many lines you wish to spend exploring one point and if that is enough for writing rest of the points you want to include in the paper.
  • The basic structure of an essay is: introduction, body followed by conclusion. You have to follow this format while writing.
  • Do not disrupt the flow of the writing. Introduce a point while ending the previous one so that there are no abrupt jumps between two paragraphs. The transition between two paragraphs should be smooth and effortless.
  • The most important yet overlooked aspect of essay writing is the proofreading. Once you finish you must proofread your work to eliminate any grammatical errors that you might have made. Most word processing software come with tools to check such errors, you should use them.

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