25 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Medical Education

Compare and contrast essays are normally assigned to help the student become better at drawing comparisons through differences and similarities from different subjects of consideration. It is important to learn how to write these papers because they inculcate into the student an analytical point of view. The following are some topics that you can consider on medical education:

  1. Discuss the difference between anorexia and bulimia as nervosa
  2. What is the difference between aerobic exercise and yoga
  3. Discuss the similarities and differences between pilates and yoga
  4. Compare and contrast a low carb diet from a low fat diet
  5. Acupressure and acupuncture are two different procedures that deliver the same results. Discuss
  6. Discuss homeopathy with an inference to allopathic treatment
  7. Which one is more effective between birth control pills and condoms?
  8. Differentiate dementia from dyslexia
  9. Allopathic medicine and herbal medicine are currently in high demand. Discuss their differences and similarities
  10. Which is better, a protein or a fiber rich diet?
  11. What are learning disabilities and how different are they from dyslexia?
  12. Liposuction and cosmetic surgery are tow related terms. Discus their connection
  13. Compare medical care in the US and the UK
  14. Discuss the concept of universal health care between two different countries of your choice
  15. Explain the right to die (assisted suicide) basing your discussion on two countries with differing views
  16. Discuss healthcare and health insurance, citing the differences between these two
  17. Compare the arguments for pro-life and pro-choice activists with respect to abortion
  18. Compare and contrast different treatment options that are available for cancer
  19. Discuss the ease of access to medical attention between two states you are aware of
  20. Carefully criticize two medical authors in history on the basis of their work
  21. Compare healthcare laws that are applicable for inmates and terrorists
  22. Discuss the differences in the necessary qualifications for physicians in Asia and the wider American continent
  23. Owing to the influx of students who go to India for medical education, compare and contrast the quality of the curriculum in India and a country of your choice
  24. Provide citing examples the similarities and differences between a medical condition and an illness
  25. Discuss the differences between genetic allergies and allergies that are developed after exposure to particular allergens in the environment

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