A List Of 11 Intriguing Essay Topics Related To Doctor Zhivago

You can hardly find a person who has not at least heard about Doctor Zhivago written by Boris Pasternak, the Nobel Prize for literature award winner. The novel was first published in 1957. Today, millions of readers still enjoy this piece of literature. If you are also a fan of the book, you may consider writing your school essay on a topic related to the novel. The following list of 11 intriguing topic ideas will help you get started:

  1. The analysis of the independent-minded position of the author on the October Revolution in the Russian Empire. (Use evidence from the novel.)
  2. The TV adaptations of the novel. (Compare miniseries broadcasted in the UK in 2002 and in Russia in 2006.)
  3. The main drama of the relationship between Lara and Yury.
  4. Lara as an image of the lost innocence to Yury. (Explore the role of different circumstances.)
  5. The role of a fate in the story. (Discuss coincidental and non-coincidental occurrences.)
  6. The development of the relationship between Komarosvky and Lara. (Focus on the concepts of freedom and dependence as Lara understands them.)
  7. Passion versus loyalty. (Use the example of the relationship between Tonya and Yury.)
  8. The reasons why Yury stays in Varykino instead of leaving with Lara.
  9. The reasons why Yury does not want to reunite with his family in France.
  10. The relationship between a protagonist and antagonist in the novel.
  11. The major theme of the novel. (Write about how it relates to the development of the main characters.)

Obviously, there are many more sample topics worth your attention. Search through a few places where you can find more interesting topics related to Doctor Zhivago, including:

  • A list of essay ideas in the academic writing center.
  • The website of your course.
  • The website of your school department.
  • Online databases of sample student works on literature.
  • Websites of high-rated writing agencies.
  • Educational portals for college students.
  • A collection of sample essay topics on literature in your school library.
  • Popular educational blogs.
  • Literature student forums.

After you select a topic for your essay, do some research to learn more about it and to make sure that you have enough evidence to support your thesis. Then, compose an outline with a topic, thesis statement, and a list of key points keeping the main requirements of your professor in mind. It is recommended that you visit your academic advisor to approve your topic, show your outline, and ask questions if any.

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