Where To Go Looking For An Example Of An Evaluation Essay

Writing an evaluation essay is just as easy as writing any other type of document. You still need an introduction, a thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Then what makes an evaluation essay different you might ask? Well, evaluation essays are basically like writing reviews. They are used to review products, services, programs, and anything else that can be evaluated. Maybe you had an exceptional experience and want to note this down to recommend others do the same thing you did. Or maybe you had a terrible experience and want to warn others. It’s even possible that your teacher is assigning you to write a review. Either way, here are some tips to help you write the perfect document.

First, you need to understand that your document will be slightly opinionated. However, you should try to make them seem as least opinionated as possible. Your work should seem reasoned. You should not come across as being on one side or another. It might be difficult to not sound opinionated, but by following the guidelines you will surely write a great evaluation. All you need to do is remember to include criteria, judgment, and evidence to support your judgment.

Each paragraph will have criteria, judgment, and evidence. For instance, if you are reviewing a product then describe how the product should be. What are some of the claims the company made about the product? This is the criteria. From what you have experienced, does the product meet all of the claims? This will be based on your judgment. Whether the claims are met or not, remember that you don’t want to sound opinionated. You can achieve this by including evidence in each paragraph of why the product worked or didn’t work. Each paragraph should talk about a different aspect of the product. Lastly, you should conclude the paper by summing up your final thoughts by touching on both the pros and cons.

Now that you know the basics to writing, it may help even more to read examples of evaluative essays. There is no need to run down to the library in search for books that are extremely difficult to understand. As long as you have access to the internet, endless samples are at your fingertips. Simply go onto a browsing tool of your choice and type in "Evaluation Essay Samples". When you hit enter, you will be flooded with samples and all you have to do is ready through them. Another tip is simply to watch online videos. Many teachers offer channels dedicated to providing free online knowledge. After you finish your online research, go tackle it make sure to apply your newly found knowledge to writing other stuff in the future!

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