Creating An Illustration Essay: 15 Fresh Ideas

Illustrative essays are the most common types of essays that are found these days and these are common because they are more pleasant to read and easier to write. This uses descriptive narrations to back up their opinions or stands. This type of narration is used both in fictional and non-fictional type of writing where the writer is trying to explain a particular situation or a scene.

Illustrative essays require the writer to be imaginative and eloquent in the language that he or she would be writing in. And there are only a few ground rules to be followed to create illustrative essays. One of the major reasons as to why most people find these more interesting is that they can use their own writing styles and incorporate their own ideas into those articles making them more interesting to read.

15 Fresh Ideas of Illustrative Essays

Essays of this type are very common and there can be a number of topics on which one can write on. Below are 15 fresh ideas that can be suitable for such type of write ups.

  1. How to turn your hobby into your profession
  2. Adverse effects of social networking
  3. The Best fragrances for women
  4. All that glitters is not gold
  5. Best novels of all times
  6. Classical music that touches your soul
  7. Music can influence mood.
  8. Songs that addressed social issues.
  9. How to plan a healthy diet
  10. How does too much dependence on electronic media hamper real life?
  11. School days were the best days of life
  12. Fashion for different body types
  13. Colors and interior decoration
  14. The world’s most famous style icons
  15. A strong will can find new ways

Things to Remember

While writing an illustrative essay there are few important points that should be remembered, in order to make it even better.

  • The examples that you provide to support the thesis should be relevant.
  • Explain about the thesis at the beginning.
  • Keep it crisp and to the point. Do not include unnecessary examples.
  • Always try to choose a unique topic that would offer you a lot of scopes to create a unique thesis.
  • Strike a balance. It is not required to include too many examples and also to stress on one particular example.
  • Including images wherever it would look relevant would add an extra spark.

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