A Hand-Picked List Of Ideas For Informative Essay Topics About Halloween

If you need to write an informative essay about Halloween, you may be scratching your head, asking, “Where on Earth do I begin?” If so, you may be in need of some help. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place.

As you might expect, an informative essay’s purpose is to inform the reader. You are not giving an opinion, but simply stating facts. As well as being informative on the topic at hand, it also needs to be interesting.

When it comes to picking a topic about Halloween for an informative essay, there are plenty of avenues for you to go down. You should select a topic that you are interested in and that you know a little about.

To give you an idea of the sorts of topics on Halloween you could choose, here’s a hand-picked list of great ideas:

  • The origins of Halloween.
  • The origins of Trick or Treat.
  • Why the U.S celebrates Halloween more than other countries.
  • Samhain: the Celtic New Year fire festival.
  • How the Romans changed the Celtic Samhain festival.
  • Why The Day of the Dead should not be confused with Halloween.
  • How Halloween became a holiday.
  • A history of Halloween fancy dress.
  • How the literary fictional characters of Frankenstein’s monster and Count Dracula became synonymous with folklore demons, witches and other creatures that populate the modern day Halloween.
  • Why the holiday of Halloween is celebrated by Christians.
  • America’s influence on Halloween being celebrated in the U.K more and more.
  • Halloween as a horror film genre.
  • Where did each custom of the modern day Halloween originate from?
  • How did Halloween become synonymous with parties in the U.S?
  • How Celtic beliefs differ from modern day interpretations of Halloween.

Those are just a few ideas to help you get started, but you shouldn’t just plump for one from the list and say, “That’ll do!” Remember it’s important that you choose a topic you have some interest in, as the more passionate you are about something, the more this will come across in your writing.

When deciding on your topic, you should try to come at it from a fresh perspective. The more original you can be, the better – but not at the cost of forgetting about the other necessary parts of your essay! You will need to provide plenty of quotes and citations and be as informative and interesting as possible. Ultimately, that’s the goal of this paper: to inform your reader in an interesting way.

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