Choosing Intriguing Descriptive Essay Topics: 14 Great Ideas

Descriptive essays extract something out of you if you really invest passion into it. You cannot just trace the lines; you have to jump into the sea and pluck the pearls. When a good writer gets a scorching topic to work on, in a subject that he loves, the combination often results in magic.

Elaborate with impartiality

You need to practice elaborating skills before actually taking descriptive essays on the mat. You should also be alert about different sides of the topic and do acute justice to all sides. The trick is to remain impartial and not to judge an essay topic with a clouded eye.

Here are 14 interesting descriptive essays for your convenience

  1. Describe the way a corporate office runs its essentials – A corporate office does not run like a run-of-the mill story.
  2. Describe the daily activities of the IMF Chief – The International Monetary Fund chief is ever on the move. Let your work be definitive.
  3. Evaluate the effects and potencies of Hot Yoga – Hot Yoga is immensely popular in USA. Make it common knowledge for readers.
  4. Describe the plans of a golfer for Augusta Masters – Masters take elaborate preparation in Golf. Let your essay show the motions.
  5. Illustrate the means through which a murder case travels in India – The murder case travels from one court to another and takes many round-about routes.
  6. Describe how Germany gathered itself after the Hitler debacle – Admittedly, Germany has bounced back well after the 1st and 2nd World War where it played villain.
  7. Describe how a 5 course buffet is prepared – Much instinct, acumen and preparation goes into it.
  8. Describe the servings and facilities of a luxury hotel – A luxury hotel takes no half-baked measures. It charges high but offers resonant facilities.
  9. Illustrate the places to visit in Moscow – There are many places to visit in Moscow; both modern and heritage.
  10. Describe how scientists methodize their invention and then get a patent for that – An invention takes brilliance; its imprint takes diligence.
  11. Describe how quality writers write travelogues – Observation, lots of travel and understanding of local mindset are all necessary factors.
  12. Explain the mentality of immigrants during wars – When wars happen, immigrants naturally engender insecurities.
  13. Describe the traumas encountered by a rape survivor – The trauma is unbearable; the wretched taste stays with the survivor.
  14. Explain the virtues and premise of Acai Berry – Let your essay take us through the immense capacities of Acai berry; antioxidant and otherwise.

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