Effective MBA Essay Writing Guidelines For Dummies

Once you have decided to go to business school and the narrowed down your school choices, you will have to apply via essays. The schools will determine these essay topics. If you have never done anything like this before, it could get confusing. Use our effective MBA essay guidelines for dummies. You probably aren’t a dummy, but these effective tips will help with the application process.

  1. Understand the topic question or topic questions -your first guideline for writing for dummies is to understand the question that is asked as the essay prompt. You must carefully consider what is being asked, not what you might think is being asked for the MBA application.

  2. Think –I know this advice rather obvious, but think before you begin writing. Think how you can present your answer in such a way that shows your wisdom, your knowledge, and your ability to communicate. Think first and then make a plan for the piece. Always pre-write as the first step in the process. .

  3. Be unique -your plan is to be effective as you compose this MBA piece. You want to be accepted to the school. You have to show why you might be accepted over another candidate. All of the candidates are smart, but just how are you different? This can be a tough thing to do with out sounding odd or bragging about yourself Remember, the school is looking for how you can contribute to their program too.

  4. Drafts -you have to write several drafts of your piece. Write the first draft and then let it rest. After you let it rest, then go back and proof it. If you cannot proof, then hire a professional to do the job for you. The paper cannot have mistakes in it. Never send the first draft that you wrote. Writing several drafts is important.

  5. Proof Carefully -along with writing several drafts, is the proofing factor. As you write each draft, proof and edit. And, again, if you cannot proof have a professional do it for you. The cost will be minimal. You can hire a writer, a graduate student, a tutor, or a writing business to do the job for you.

For effective MBA essay writing guidelines, use our five tips and hints for dummies. This will help you to navigate this process successfully and get into the school of your choice.

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