What Makes A Good Narrative Essay Title Page

Narrative essays are among the most popular assignments seen in early middle school grades through college courses. They require students to describe an event or an experience from their past that has had a lasting and profound effect on their lives. They can be negative or positive, as long students utilize vivid descriptions and employ a story-telling approach. Setting the right tone early is extremely important and can usually be achieved in the first few sentences of the introduction. However, the narrative essay title page can also serve this function. Here are a few things you should know about what makes a good narrative essay title page:

  • It Hints at the Paper’s Theme
  • One of the key elements of a well-written narrative essay is a clearly defined theme. Your title should convey to your reader what you will be discussing in your paper. Try this exercise out if you are having trouble coming up with a solid title: make a list of key terms that describe your paper in terms of emotion. For instance, if you are writing about the death of a beloved child hood pet you might write down words like “friend,” “joy,” “heart-broken,” etc.

  • It Highlights the Central Subject
  • Don’t mislead your reader by not identifying the central subject of your story. Using our example above you would be better off clearly stating the type of animal your pet was and possibly even provide its name. The most important thing is that your reader doesn’t feel left in the dark as he or she begins reading your introduction. Some writers can successfully use the element of surprise in their work, but for this kind of assignment you should be up front about your content.

  • It is Interesting and Compelling
  • Lastly, add a little spice to your title in order to make it more interesting and compelling. You want the reader to feel enthusiastic about what they are about to learn from your experience. Just think about how you are more likely to read something with a captivating title rather than one that simply says “My Essay.”

There are several different strategies you can employ to achieve the characteristics mentioned above. You may want to consider getting some outside help until you are entirely comfortable doing them on your own. Check out some professionally written samples of good narrative essays plus title pages you can find here through this academic writing service.

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