How To Come Up With An Easy Topic For A Narrative Essay On A Book

When it comes to writing, students prefer to write argumentative papers. Since so many of them have been trained to write argumentatively for standardized tests, they do not get as much practice on the other types of papers. This makes it difficult for them to create topics for narrative, descriptive, and expository projects. If your teacher has assigned a narrative essay about a book, here are some topic ideas to help you get started:

  • Write about the Characters
  • One of the easiest topics to write about in a narrative is a character. It is a good idea to show what that character does and how the character speaks. Instead of trying to prove a point about the character, you simply use what the writer did to showcase the character’s qualities and personality. You would not be creating a new character, just telling a story about the character that uses the qualities that the character already has.

  • Focus on the Setting
  • Another interesting way to approach a narrative essay on a book is to look at the setting. What makes it unique? How could it be used in other stories? There are people who enjoy reading books because of the setting, so you can focus on that in your narrative assignment. Add the setting into a story to show how interesting it is and why readers should care about it.

  • Relive the Conflict
  • A narrative paper could also focus on the make problems in the story. Instead of arguing the effectiveness of the problems in the story, you can write about a similar one or share the problems in a slightly different way.

  • Be Highly Descriptive
  • The idea of a narrative essay is to tell a story, but to provide opinions about the story. It is more like a memoir than a short story. So, while you are telling the story in an unusual way, you are still going to comment on the events that occurred. This is not always the most effective way to analyze a book, but it does make you think in a different way.

The best way to be successful with a narrative project is to include extensive detail, but still provide some areas for the reader to fill in the rest of the story. Keep your focus on the book, but still tell your own story.

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