Essential Advice On Writing A Nursing School Admission Essay

The admission essay is one of the best ways to set oneself apart from hundreds of other applicants to a particular program. In nursing, it’s a way to demonstrate skills, experience, and personal desire in a highly competitive field. Most people entering nursing school don’t have much experience working on writing assignments, which is why they usually seek out some kind of assistance. Here’s some essential advice on writing a nursing school admissions essay that will captivate the reader:

  • What does the admissions committee want?
  • Never make assumptions about what committees want to see. Take your time to research a program and then make a plan to write your admission application addressing the prompt precisely. If it’s a multi-part question be sure you answer each section. There’s no need to discuss your accomplishments if what the prompt asks is for you to describe some challenges you faced in college or in some other professional situation.

  • Keep your nursing school essay personal
  • Some applications will require you to write something specific about an issue related to your field, but in these cases you will also have to write a personal statement about who you are as an individual. So, there really is no way around letting the committee know about your personal life in terms of the reasons you have for joining its specific program.

  • Focus on events that occurring since college
  • A common mistake made by many applicants is including an anecdote of some experience or even that happened in childhood or in some other part of life before college. It’s better to include an anecdote related to when you began your career tract at some point after starting college. Remember that graduate programs are designed for professionals, and that’s just the kind of thing the committee prefers to read about.

  • Know the precise program and make connections
  • Finally, keep in mind that getting into a nursing program is more about being a great match for it rather than being the most qualified. As long as you meet the minimum requirements – grades, test scores, related experience – the committee will look towards an applicant that has demonstrated enthusiasm towards their specific school. Spend time researching the program and point out a few things you look forward to taking part in – this could mean working with someone specific, being a part of a current study, or taking specific educational tracts.

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