Creating An Opinion Essay On Leadership: Advice From A Professional

Every so often during our academic careers, there comes a topic that has us stymied for ideas. Be it a practical topic or just a plain old dissertation on something that you find drier than hay, essays on such topics are neither fun nor easy to write. If you ask a professional, leadership is one such topic.

How do you write about a subject that has numerous, unique, practical applications in life? Furthermore, the pressure to make your essay sound like more like an objective piece of writing than a motivational speech is so intense that students sometimes end up losing their way and thus the essence of the piece itself.

So, how do you write about leadership after all?

The topic might seem like a tough nut to crack, but a little help from these tips will get you moving right away!

  • Get personal with your writing: There is nothing more boring than a piece that looks and reads like a factory produced a reproduction of the perfect and the same story. Put some personal elements in your writing. Talk about the one time you did something, or that project that made you overcome a fear. This will not only grab attention but will also pique your interest until the moment you finish writing your piece.

  • Compare famous people: The world has seen such great leaders since the concept of civilization came into existence. Each of these men and women was unique, with a style that suited their people and themselves. Compare two leaders from the same time, and the way they impacted their respective followers. For example, you could compare Hitler and Mussolini.

  • Present a practical solution to a problem: Yes, pose situations and problems at the start of your essay, and by the time you reach the conclusion, attempt to resolve them. You could also use these as theoretical answers that can be modified and multiplied to fit the world on a larger scale. This will make for an interesting, insightful piece of writing.

So, there you have it. Three tips to help you craft an excellent opinion essay on leadership. Just remember, help is only a click of the mouse away. The internet and its vast folios are always at your disposal to help you pick a topic of your liking and tell you how to go about approaching it. You just have to know where to look.

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