What Does A Perfect Personal Narrative Essay Example Look Like?

A personal narrative essay contains a detailed and an informative style of writing. It is based solely on the author’s personal experience with the world, including his triumphs and defeat in life. It aims to share how a person goes through a lot to teach the readers values or character that would allow them to attain whatever it is that they have in mind. It’s like opening a book and sharing to the world how it is to live a meaningful and fruitful life.

This article aims to discuss the following points to make it more effective and interesting:

  • The points of view are expressed in the first person
  • The use of the pronoun “I” is constant from the beginning until the end. It makes the narration obvious that the writer is sharing his personal views and opinions.

  • There is so much emotion that is conveyed within the lines
  • The purpose is to involve the readers on what is going on in the life of the author. In this manner, there will be a strong connection between the writer and his audience.

  • All the five human senses are used to understand the messages of the essay
  • Reading this type of writing is like closely relating to the work itself. Sentimental scenarios allow you to shed tears and moments of triumph gives you the chance that somehow you are a part of it.

  • It allows you to see a very clear picture of what is going on
  • There are no moving objects or characters while reading the paper, but it’s like you are in a cinema watching a movie. All your senses are awakened by the detailed description of the story and it is your imagination that is working at the moment.

  • The beginning statements will give you the gist or idea of what the author is trying to convey
  • The moment you start reading, you will start to understand why or how the author is writing his experiences in life. It will allow you to comprehend and digest the messages as soon as they are revealed in the story.

  • The last paragraph summarizes all that has been said
  • The author reveals to you the general idea of writing the essay. It could simply be just giving you information that you need to know or teaching you a very important lesson in life that you could use personally to avoid the negative events that have taken place in the life of the writer.

The whole idea is like talking to a person without his presence and asking vital questions that need not be answered. A very strong interaction that utilizes telepathy as a form of communication.

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