How To Find Good Persuasive Essay Topics For High School Students

High school students are often required to write persuasive essays. In fact, you may have been asked to write persuasive essay without actually realising it. For example, you may have been asked to write an argumentative paper; essentially, whether described as argumentative or persuasive, these academic papers require exactly the same thing.

Ultimately, as part of this kind of academic paper, you will be required to try and persuade the reader of a certain point of view that you choose to take, based on various arguments that you put forward.

What is affecting you in your life at the moment or what has done so in the recent past?

One-way to think of good topics for such an essay is to think of what may be affecting you currently in your life, or what might have affected during the past. Essentially, you may be looking at things that you would like to change about the world in some way.

Ensure the topic you pick can be used to produce a logical or reasonable conclusion

Whichever topic you do choose to write about, it is important that you will be able to produce several logical arguments as to why you are taking a certain point of view. Equally, you will then need to be to come up with a reasonable conclusion, based on the arguments you have provided, as to why others should agree with this point of view.

Download past papers for extra ideas

For some extra advice and inspiration, there are numerous websites online that provide students with the opportunity of downloading past papers written by students, and even professional writers. Some of these examples may need to be paid for, whilst others are available for free.

To get you started when it comes to thinking of ideas for your essay, feel free to look at the following topics:

  • Modern society is being destroyed by technology
  • Do rich countries have an obligation to assist poorer countries in the event of natural disasters?
  • Should the rich be taxed more than they currently are?
  • Is it ever right for a man to be able to strike a woman?
  • Should parents be allowed to hit children?
  • Do schools have too many exams?
  • Should schools do more to provide access to computers in the learning experience for students?
  • Should schools provide sex education for students?
  • Should schools provide contraceptives to underage students?
  • Do motorists pay enough tax on fuel considering the environmental damage caused by pollution as a result of driving?

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