20 Relevant Persuasive Essay Topics On Current Events

Students usually see some kind of persuasive essay assignment given throughout their academic careers. Many would say that it is the most significant writing exercise to help improve a student’s ability to present an argument backed by well-founded, academic evidence. Here are 20 relevant persuasive essay topics on current events you can consider towards an assignment:

  1. Do you believe that winning a war is as futile as trying to win over natural disasters?
  2. Do you think that to remain silent about the world’s problems is just as bad as encouraging those problems to persist?
  3. Do you believe in recent scientific studies that suggest the world will be uninhabitable by humans within 100 years?
  4. Do you think that purchasing homework assignments is ethical or a sign of how homework is no longer relevant in today’s world?
  5. Do you think that better communication between the world’s nations would promote the spread of peace?
  6. Are the efforts by governments enough towards the protection of world’s environment?
  7. Do you believe that standardized testing is as relevant today as it was 20 years ago?
  8. Is history still a relevant area of study or is it more important to learn about the world’s current events?
  9. Do you think citizens should be required to serve some time in civil or public service?
  10. What do you think is the greatest factor towards the start of war? Politics? Finance? Territory? Etc.
  11. Do you think that choosing to ignore the world’s problems is a kind of crime against the world?
  12. Should the world take a great stance on developing technologies to curb the effects of pollution?
  13. Do you believe that foreign countries should interfere in protecting endangered species?
  14. Are people ruining the world for future generations by only living for today?
  15. Do you agree with Thomas Mann’s belief that war is in a way a cowardly excuse or escape from the problems of peace?
  16. Do you believe that students should be required to state their pledge or loyalty to their country in the classroom?
  17. Do you believe that first world nations should make greater efforts to help solve the world’s hunger problems?
  18. Do you think that progress creates more trouble? Give evidence from current events to support your argument.
  19. Do you think the US’s tax system needs to be reformed? Should families with higher incomes pay a higher percentage?
  20. What do you think is the definition of genius and how can it apply to today’s world where technology is so important?

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