Expository Essay Topics: How To Find A Good One

In this paper, there will be given different essay topics of the Expository nature. There will also be ways on how to locate a good choice of such a style of paper. To begin with, the one step that will be used to the fullest of the writer’s ability is research. In many ways the structure of the paper is like working as an attorney. The writer has to take the subject and go over the evidence, go deep as they can on the subject and put together an argument of the subject material in a clear and simple way. To defend any idea you may have on a matter keeping it all simple and easy to understand is crucial when trying to convince the reader your opinion. Keeping with today’s events, there are several ideas that will be good topics to construct in this style of paper. A subject that will be on almost every person’s mind that follows the world’s events in any capacity is terrorism.

  1. Where is the United States at in the world of terrorism? Is the country safe from future acts and will there ever be an end to this sort of problem? We as a nation can never understand the depth of this situation. How much can we believe from the government?

  2. Working the inner cities is the problem of bias targeting of minorities. Should the race of people take any responsibility for the targeting of individuals living in that certain age group? It is said that law enforcement should handle the responsibility. Should any of the actions fall at the feet of the people? A writer could argue that if everyone did as little as far as taking on some responsibility for our actions, the country would be a better place. This is an example of going into the depth of an idea and arguing for a solution.

  3. Are pro athletes’ salaries way too high? Should there be performance clauses for them to receive their pay?

  4. Are we as a society losing more and more of our privacy at the cost of profits of the corporations? Should the government take on more of the already lawless corporate world?

  5. Find an important scenario and do the work it takes to turn the public or the readers in the same direction that you feel to be the correct and best ones. Always be ready to answer any negative feedback from individuals that would suffer from the truth.

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