How To Gather Information For A Problem-And-Solution Essay: Tips For Students

Writing an effective problem-solution essay involves collecting the necessary information to show the solution. When students fail to gather enough information, their readers are not fully convinced that their solution is the best option available. Here are some tips to help you gather all of the necessary information for your paper:

  • Research the problem. One of the trouble spots with writing a problem and solution paper is that students fail to research the problem. Students end up missing out on some of the best ideas when they fail to see why the problem started and what makes it keep going. Understanding the causes behind a problem make is easier to suggest effective solutions.
  • Look for more than one solution. Instead of sticking to one solution, research several ones. You need to know what will not work, so you can prove what will work. Without understanding the possibilities of the other solutions, you will not know if yours really will work the way you expect it to work.
  • Ask for help. If you are worried about how much information you need, there is nothing wrong with asking your instructor for help. You could also turn to a writing lab if your instructor is not available. Your instructor or a tutor will be able to tell you if you need more information and they might have ideas for sources that you did not consider on your own.
  • Work with a team. Writing does not have to be a solitary activity. While you should not trust another person to complete your writing projects, working with a team when you write has other benefits. When you work with multiple people, you have multiple people who can offer ideas that you never considered. Working with a team also gives you several editors, which will only improve your writing.
  • Look at sample projects. Before you write your essay, read other problem and solution essays so you know how much research to conduct. Look for the number of sentences that have documented sources and try to hit or exceed that number. It is always in your best interest to find more information that you think you need. No student wants to scramble at the end of the assignment to find research that you did not have in advance. When you have more information, you will have the ability to approach the essay from a variety of angles
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