Coming Up With Interesting Profile Essay Topics For College

A profile essay is the type of paper in which you need to provide detailed information about a certain person, event in the past, a political movement or a physical location etc. This type of paper may be narrative in style depending upon the preferences of the teacher and the ease of the student. You may choose to write your paper in first person and describe everything as a personal narrative to your readers. A profile essay gives certain information about the given topic and helps your readers understand its significance.

If you are to write a profile paper for your college then you need to keep a certain things in mind. The most important thing is to keep the instructions of your teacher in your mind and follow them closely. You cannot write a winning paper if you do not bother about the guidelines, your teacher gave you. She might ask you to stay away from a certain topic areas or follow a certain format, and you need to respect that. If you put enough efforts to write a great paper but it does not impress your teacher then your efforts will be in vain.

Topic selection and topic ideas for a profile essay

Choosing a valid and unique topic is quite a demanding task. Students face difficulty in coming up with great topics, because all the ideas seem to be taken already. If you choose to write about a personality who inspires you then it might be unique if you think of people closely related to you. If you write about famous world leaders and celebrities then many other students will also choose to do the same. Do not write about famous monuments and buildings because many classmates will be doing the same. You can visit a comparatively new building, landscape or a physical place and write about it. If there is a new restaurant or gym in your area, you can make this the focus of your paper.

Below are few interesting ideas as a sample that students can choose to write their paper about

  1. Brandon’s baseball cards
  2. The ice-cream parlor
  3. Your city counsellor
  4. Someone in your family
  5. A new marketplace or plaza in your town
  6. Recent political movements by a certain party
  7. Your local football team coach
  8. Your neighbors

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