Composing A Nursing Reflective Essay: 5 Things To Remember 

Reflective Writing

Reflective writing is a kind of writing in which the writer explains about a real or imaginary scene, event or situation which occurs to his life. This kind of writers will have many questions in their mind when they decide to write a situation in their life. All they have to do is to find answers to these questions and precede writing. Doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers are the people who regularly use this writing.

Reflective writing for nurses

Nurses are one among the professionals who regularly uses reflective writing. Nurses have to listen to the stories and experiences of the patients and convert them into essays. This kind of writing is not just about listening, recording and writing the incidents. A nurse should be conscious about the experiences he has during his training and practice and should be able to find the right metaphors while writing the essays.

5 things to remember while writing nursing reflective essays

  • There are few things a reflective writer should keep in mind while he plans to write a nursing reflective writing. Some of them are as follows.
  • Always start the writing with a brief introduction about the initial condition of the patient. In this introduction, the writer has the freedom to describe about the patient, his age, illness, and the history of the case.
  • The second step is to write about the situation about the patient. The nurse can write down his experience of nursing the patient and understanding his problems.
  • The next paragraph of the writing can be about the patient’s feelings. Who other than a nurse could explain the feelings of the patient? The mental state of the patient should be noted in this paragraph.
  • The writer can then make a few assumptions about the patient after his evaluation. All the doubts and debates in the minds of the writer can be noted in this paragraph. The nurse should take his opportunity to understand a patient’s pain and feelings. This can be recorded in the writings as reflections, which will be useful in future.
  • The essay can be concluded with the conclusions, the nurse reached. The conclusions will be from the reflections he had during the course with his patient. He can also include the future care, the patent requires in the following paragraph.

In short, this kind of writing is about the observations, reflections, feelings and conclusions.

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