Useful Suggestions On How To Come Up With A Good Essay Topic

Independence is a good thing to have. It is. Sometimes though, when the creative juices just refuse to flow, getting an open-ended essay assignment is the worst thing that could happen. With no cue or writing prompt, you are as lost as you have ever been, creatively speaking. If that is the case, it is time to brainstorm. Admittedly, that is not an easy task when you are suffering from writer’s block, the kind that won’t even let you choose a topic. But fear not, we have some great ideas and suggestions that will help you come up with a good essay topic.

  1. Get together with friends
  2. Tell them you need topics for an essay you want to write. Ask them if they have any ideas. The conversation will flow from topic to topic and you will land on something eventually. You may learn something new. They may too. It is symbiotic and useful for everyone.

  3. Watch Television or listen to the news
  4. The best essay topics are ones that are relevant to the world around you. Listen to the news; see what is happening in the world. Watch a movie. Read a magazine or a book. Browse the internet. You never know where inspiration may strike. The more you are exposed to the happenings in the world, the more your imagination will run wild with ideas. Creative people know a lot too.

  5. Jot it down
  6. Carry a pen and paper with you. Every time you think of a possible essay topic, jot it down. Anything interesting in the news, mention it on paper. In a few days, you will have enough of a list to look through and get inspired by a particular topic. It should be a topic you love and you will find out how easy it is to write about.v

  7. Random words can get the pen flowing
  8. Think of any word when you have a pen and paper in hand. Write something about that word. Do another and then some more. When you have a sentence you like because it is original and creative, write a paragraph about what you have written in that sentence. If you like it, keep it. If not, write another one. Before long you will have strung together an idea from which you can write a complete, creative and successful essay.

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